Critique on the Fat Environment

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In this article, ‘ The Fat Environment ‘ by Ellen Goodman, (2003) the author offers a fresh perspective on the reasons causing obesity. The author established that the people are recognizing that the problem of expanding waistlines is not due to moral failing, as people’s willpower and self-control are influenced by factors like price, advertising, and hence, the environment. Goodman’s argument appears to be largely relevant, with the use of substantial statistics in this recent article. Despite her clear bias and predilection for sarcasm, her arguments are logical and clear with the employment of appropriate examples, and hence, they are highly convincing. Goodman argues that the weight changes are due to the environment, not due to self-control, and that “personal responsibility is not a free pass for corporate irresponsibility”.(p. 8) This is highly convincing as she supported her arguments effectively with the example of Kraft, maker of cookies macaroni and cheese, which pledge to help fight against obesity. (p. 8) Kraft is an apt example of how companies can use advertising to manipulate people’s willpower, since it is apparent that Kraft themselves are contributing to the rising obesity rates, and at the same time, getting people to support them. This argument is in line with her stand throughout the article, where she states that as much as personal responsibility do have a part to play in causing the rising obesity rates, environmental factors play a much major role. Companies have the ability to convince and influence people’s mindset and willpower, and it is due to this very reason that environmental factors are thus the main cause of the rising obesity rate. Hence, the author states her arguments clearly and is highly convincing in conveying her argument. However, her views have a clear bias, as she did not mention how will and power could possibly

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