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Right or Wrong, Don’t Tell Me What To Do! Mayor Bloomberg’s NYC soda ban should be supported because consumption of sugary products is linked to obesity, and many people die of health problems related to obesity. Mayor Bloomberg is concerned about the high rates of diabetes and obesity-related health issues. He has taken a personal interest in the health and wellness of New Yorkers to try to control the out-of-control obesity problem. The issue has caused both an uproar and praise from people who are glad to see a change for the better in "The Big Apple." How many times have you brought a large soda at the movies, then sat and watched a movie while being completely conscious of what you were drinking or what you were drinking? Never! This is what companies are counting on. I do understand why many of them are upset due to this new beverage ban. Many people are conditioned by companies promoting, “bigger is better,” and people are being lured in to prefer bigger items than smaller items. They often advertise bigger drinks, like in the documentary “Supersize Me" staring Morgan Spurlock, where a couple of times during his experiment he would walk into a McDonald’s and they would offer to make his drink bigger (supersize it) for only a few more cents. How can you refuse? You would basically get more for your money. In his experiment it is demonstrated that many other factors played in his weight gain. Many of those companies…show more content…
Many families are unable to afford healthy food and would rather turn to junk food than to be left hungry. The issue is not that they don’t want to eat better or be healthier, but it’s the fact that their financial situations may not allow them to maintain that lifestyle. The cost of healthy food is really

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