Pressured To Be Thin

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Pressured to be Thin Did you know that an estimated 8 million Americans have an eating disorder, or that eating disorders have the highest mortality rate of any mental illness? Only one in ten people with an eating disorder actually receive treatment and anorexia is the third most common chronic illness among adolescents(Eating…). Eating disorders have become a major issue among teenagers and young adults, due to both internal and external pressures. In order for full recovery to be reached a variety of treatments must be utilized. Eating disorders have many underlying causes. In today’s society of mass media oversaturation, we are bombarded with things like weight loss program commercials which imply thin equals happiness and constant social media which send the message that you must be thin to be sexy. When you see a weight loss commercial, do you ever think, “I need to look like them” or “I want to be one of their success stories?” Some people do, and it causes them to do unthinkable things. We live in a culture “where consumption is encouraged but thinness is praised more highly” (Erlanger 29). Young men and women can never get away from the constant pressure of having to be perfect. We have so many competitions and award shows like the Oscars, Grammy’s, and the Miss America pageant which place an emphasis on outward appearance. In addition, we have magazines like Teen Vogue and Seventeen that promote images Clausen 2 of girls that have photo-shopped bodies that are unobtainable for the average person. All these things combine to place nearly impossible standards on young people to have the “perfect body.” Eating disorders can also be triggered by internal pressures: Girls and women at risk of developing bulimia maybe depressed and often suffer from poor body image. They are often insecure and dependent on others for their sense of self-worth, and

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