Do Cop Girls Body Image Analysis

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In my opinion, Americans tend to think that their appearance is everything and go to great measures to get their desired looks. I also believe that people in society are always trying too hard to make them self look like their ideal celebrity. I feel that men and women have different standards when it comes to appearance and how they view it. I also agree with Nancy Hellmich in her article, “Do Thin Models Warp Girls Body Image?” as she says that girls are becoming skinnier and skinnier as the years go by. I think as society tends to focus on their appearance more, it also becomes more dangerous. Everyday, men and women in America watch TV or read a magazine and idolize the appearance of someone, hoping and wishing to look like that person.…show more content…
Men seem not to care as much as women. Men don't mind going places in basketball shorts and a tank top with their hair all messed up. They seem to value their appearance much less than women. Being a girl, I know how important it is for us to look nice. I know how we always want the next new makeup or hair product that’s going to make s look like the model in the commercial. Women can’t just run to the store in sweat pants because they value their appurtenance too much. Women don’t feel as confident when they don’t look nice, but men don’t really care either way. In the reading, “Do thin Models Warp Girls Body Image?” I agree with Nancy when she says thin models on the runway or on TV can cause very young girls to become anorexic or bulimic. Nancy says, “Girls are being bombarded with the message that they need to be super-skinny to be sexy.” (Hellmich 706) I believe that is very true when she says that but what young girls don’t realize is that you could be beautiful and sexy with any body type that you might have. I think that there needs to be a clear message that tells young girls that because if there isn’t it could become very dangerous for
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