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Definition Of Beauty Essay

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  • on September 18, 2011
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Definition of Beauty
To what extent is physical beauty important to a person’s life? Does it bring success or happiness if a person is beautiful?   Sadly the media has developed an obsessive image on physical beauty that has dominated the young and the olds intellect.   People have become overly obsessed with trying to reach beauty image expectations. This has lead to many mentally and physically exhausted people who struggle to reach those hopeless expectations.   In the movie Little Miss Sunshine written by Michael Arndt, the movie demonstrates aspects of American culture and dilemmas. While beauty seems to be an important factor of life in the US, this emphasis on beauty is a bad influence because it can affects a person’s health, confidence and success.
Maintaining or to become beautiful is a challenge a lot of people do for a living, especially women. Although these people have a lot more challenges in their daily life, they always seem to make beauty the most important one. I think the reason for that is women are expected to act and to be seen a certain way in society. For example in the first few minutes of the movie Little Miss Sunshine a little girl named Olive was shown in front of the television watching a pageant show and imitating every single move the contestants made. In my opinion I think that she felt that she needed to act like the contestant in the Television instead of being her self and thinking she is not good enough to win the competition by being herself.
Young Girls watch the beauty pageant shows and all they see is tall, skinny women walking on the stage with their swimsuit on. In my opinion this causes negative affects on girls especially young girls who get influenced by society so fast, for example the story I Want to Be Miss America about two Dominican Republic girls of the age of ten move to the United State. The four girls tried there best to change their looks to American looks and to fit in society, but that seemed impossible...

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