Rhetorical Analysis

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Jennifer Hoyt ENGLISH 100 7 November 2011 Thin Models Warping Girls’ Body Image “Do Thin Models Warp Girls’ Body Image” came from USA Today. It was written on September 25, 2006 by Nanci Hellmich, a reporter for USA Today for thirty years. She focuses on nutrition, diet, and fitness. The article highlights that models advertise an unhealthy weight among young females. The article states that over the years, models become thinner and thinner which sends out a message to healthy young females that they think they need to look just like them and be at an unhealthy skinny like them too. The article was successful because the author did a good job explaining diseases that follow up with body image, how this is affecting young girl, and how advertisements on commercials and magazines play a role on why women are so self-conscious. “Do Thin Models Warp Girls’ Body Image” explains that models are changing the bodies of young girls. Models are portraying an image to young females about their body and weight. Advertisements that are shown on television and in magazines of tall, sickly skinny models gives girls the idea that it is okay to be very lean when, in reality, it is not. When young females see celebrities or their role models on commercials with really nice bodies, they think they have to be just like them. The author implies that it is not a good message to send out when females become to unnatural and skinny. Model agencies advertise extremely thin models because they just want their money. Nanci Hellmich explains that “Psychologist and eating disorder experts are worried about the same thing. The say fashion industry has gone too far in pushing a dangerously thin image that women, and even very young girls, may try to emulate” (Hellmich, Nanci 1). Models are modeling an image that being very thin, as thin enough to see their rib cage is a good thing.

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