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Chickland: Where Girls Just Want to Have Fun! In America, there appears to be a social cultural evolution (or “de-evolution”): male maturation and what it means to be a man. Michael Kimmel attempts to analyze a newly evolving, seemingly destructive, intermediate phase in the maturation process of young males in America today. Kimmel chronicles the journey of 400 young males between the ages of sixteen and twenty-six as they move through a transitional period between adolescence and adulthood. He cleverly classifies this period as “Guyland.” Through Kimmel’s investigative research, although arguably controversial because his methodologies are not detailed, he finds that young men are very reluctant and unenthusiastic about growing up and try…show more content…
Not today” (Kimmel). For Kimmel, a major part of being a “man” is starting, maintaining, and being the head of a family, the breadwinner. Kimmel also asserts that guys aren’t marrying and having children because they are too preoccupied with online video games, gambling, hooking up, going out with buddies and drinking. They are too busy being guys in Guyland. However, I have many problems with this these assertions and his argument. For one, I believe his definition of manhood is quite antiquated. In today’s world, marriage and children are not the only indicators of manhood (or womanhood) and maturation. Just because someone doesn’t want to get married and have kids does not make them inherently immature. By the same token, just because someone is married and has children doesn’t automatically make them mature either. Maturation, in my honest opinion, is very subjective and depends distinctively on the individual. For example, who’s the say someone who plays videogames every day for living isn’t mature? What if he makes six figures and supports a healthy, young lifestyle doing…show more content…
Females between the ages of 16 and 26 make up approximately 24 million women as of today (Population clock). This “chick” age bracket represent the group of people that popular media outlets market to that often feature women with bodies that are unattainable for the average woman. These media outlets also focus on what women can do to acquire and please men. The self-esteem of these young girls are also eroding due to the various forms of marketing and advertising tactics they employ because sexy sells. The many celebrities like Miley Cyrus and magazines who all try to portray their idea of a woman, alter and distort their perception of womanhood. These girls wear overtly sexual and suggestive clothing and opening act promiscuously in their interactions, forced to go through extreme diets, wear large amounts of make-up and even modify their bodies through surgeries all due to the cumulative pressures of friends, family and their developed self-confidence issues to become this counterfeit ideal. These girls wear uncomfortable heels, constricting clothing and skimpy outfits to hyper sexualize themselves. This is what they believe it takes to become fun, sexy and a desirable woman in today’ society. They go out, drink, “grind” and “twerk” (different forms of highly sexual dancing), and hook up with random guys. With all this, they are

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