The Media Are Dehumanising Women

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Although women of today are no longer considered by the 1950s stereotype of what women ‘should be’ society continues to define and restrict their rolls by judging them – in many ways even more severely that they did before. In many areas of society a woman’s worth is not judged on her talents but rather on her appearance. The media have a key role to play in this warped perception of what matter. Magazines and newspapers play a big part in society is `dehumanizing by failing to show respects for the dignity of women and making them and men equal. In 2001 the Daily Star wrote an article on how the fifteen year old singer, Charlotte Church, was becoming a woman and becoming more mature by saying "She's a big girl now... looking chest swell". It’s highly inappropriate for any type of journalist to comment on the fact that a fifteen year old girl is developing a bigger chest. Magazines also focus on woman’s body shapes and how they should look. This is having a massive effect on women as they read it and the message to them is that this is the only way to look and be considered attractive. This unhealthy for women as they are always thinking about it and are constantly insecure about their appearance. Earlier this year, a MPs' report recommended that school children should take part in compulsory body image lessons. More than half of the public have a negative body image, "driven by the proliferation of media imagery portraying a so-called 'perfected ideal' that is entirely unattainable for the vast majority of people". However it’s not just the public the media are controlling and making feel uncomfortable about themselves, at the 2015 Oscars, comedian, Sarah Millican, was wearing a dress from John Lewis. It wasn’t fitting, the press said she looked fat, and as the dress wasn’t exactly in the latest fashion therefore the press continued to comment saying that she
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