Summary Of Nina Power's One-Dimensional Women

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In today’s society women are always worrying about their appearance. Their perspectives on how they should present themselves are imposed by everything around them. Friends, celebrities and the media are the main reasons why women fee the need to live their lifestyle a specific way. Sometimes, celebrities don’t even need to say anything to have an effect on one; women in today’s society are already provoked on changing just by feeling intimidated by them. In Nina Power’s text, ‘One- Dimensional Woman’ the author also argues that you don’t need superficial things to feel good about yourself, or to even look like perfectly thin stick figure to be a feminist. Women these days like to have the idea of living the ‘rich and famous’, if not they try to invest in material things. They want the ideal lifestyle or better yet, being more successful than someone else. Today’s society is filled with…show more content…
“It is not enough to say that women are being sold a lie by advertising, magazines and cinema” (Page 30-31) This is probably the most painfully obvious reason as to why women in today’s society strive themselves on looing like something that horrifically opposite to them. This contributes greatly on their health and lifestyle. Women go through so much effort to change themselves. For example: Botox, facelifts, pretty much anything that to them, they would think ‘enhances’ their appearance. On another note, it is very rarely would you see an Australian woman go to the extreme to idolize a particular celebrity and clone their appearance and lifestyle. The difference in America would be that the hype has more effect on women there, to actually wear prink tracksuits, oversize sunnies whilst carrying a Chihuahua in their bag for example. As Australia’s population is a middle class majority, women don’t have a successful amount of money to be splurging as much as women in
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