Breastfeeding Persuasive Research Paper

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I have always been a huge advocate of breastfeeding mothers, and I am intrigued by this particular woman. I am a mother myself and feel that I have always received poor education when it comes to breastfeeding, and I wish that I knew more. I think it’s imperative for a new or expecting parents to know all the benefits for both mother and baby. Education for mother is critical, but can also open the eyes to society who can tend to be closed minded to the idea. Something so natural and beautiful may be just too controversial for the society we are currently living in. Breastfeeding is a natural and beautiful thing, it’s simply amazing what a woman’s body can do, but is there a looming cloud of controversy for women when it comes to breastfeeding and educating the public is the only way to put an end to breastfeeding discrimination. When a woman has a baby, she is immediately faced with many tough decisions. These decisions can include, what pediatrician to go to, what type of diapers to use, or daycare options. Menu probably isn’t at the top of the list, but there are mothers who are set on the idea of breastfeeding. Doctors and nurses around the country advocate that breastfeeding has many…show more content…
It is simply a thing one must do in order to survive, but there are other cultures and individuals that may think that this is a private matter and should be done behind closed doors. In our society women dress and take explicit photos yet people rarely even bat an eye to this. There has been much controversy surrounding women and breastfeeding in public. Breastfeeding mother become under fire for doing what they simply feel is natural. I believe that this unnecessary storm could potentially daunt women from breastfeeding. Let’s face it no woman wants to be publically ridiculed for what she feels is best for her young, yet this is a problem many women have faced over the recent

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