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Susie Orbach’s thesis in the selection “Fat is a Feminist Issue” is that women are now using the concept of being “fat” as a way to break away from how the media portrays women. She states that the overall motive of being fat woman is to be a rebel and have someone root through all of your layers to find out who this person truly is. She continues to say that the increase in weight in women has little to nothing to do with lack of self-control and lack of will power. Another point that she argues is that fat women are powerless to the media while the play on the “I am weak” fat stereotype so that women can shop and try to look socially acceptable. She states that a “fat” woman is fat because she is rebelling against the media and society through her weight. Orbach argues that obesity and overeating are much more painful experiences for women due to the fact that society has placed such high standards on women and weight. Orbach states, “to get a man, a woman has to learn to regard herself as a commodity, a sex object.” She believes that a woman has to worry more about how others see her and not how she feels comfortable. She argues that a woman’s weight has become the center of attention in her everyday life and that society has decided that an overweight or obese woman is basically diseased and has validated and isolated her because she does not fit the stereotype of a “normal” woman. I believe that Orbach’s article is written in way that is responds to all of the social stereotypes that plague women in general, not only larger women. Yet, with this wide scope she manages to narrow her thoughts down to fat women. I completely disagree with the Orbach in the selection “Fat is a Feminist Issue.” When I graduated from high school and got my first job, I was going through a lot of stress and I didn’t care about my health. I didn’t care what I ate or how

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