Looking for Alibrandi Essay (Peer Pressure and Conformity Issues)

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Looking for Alibrandi essay (Peer pressure and conformity issues) The novel Looking for Alibrandi by Melina Marchetta discusses issues about peer pressure and conformity. The issue relates to many teenagers nowadays. The author Melina Marchetta looks onto teenagers who try to fit in the society. This seems to be true to Josie, the main character in the novel who faces issues concerning peer pressure and conformity. Josie feels being pressured on which society does she belong. This is shown in the following quote from Josie, “My Mother was born here so as far as the Italians were concerned we weren't completely one of them. Yet because my grandparents were born in Italy we weren't completely Australian.”(Page 255). This affects her to encounter difficulties in both societies. Nowadays, we can see lots of teenagers who try to fit in on the society by living like the society; sometimes this led to destruction. As the novel continues, Josie also feels being pressured at her school. Firstly, because most of the students at her school came from wealthy families and her acceptance to the wealthy catholic girl’ school was trough scholarship and not by paying the fees. Secondly, because her parents weren’t married when she was born and she had never met her father until the age of seventeen; in other words she doesn’t feel as normal like the other girls at her school feels. In my experience, issues like this happen in many schools, when you feel you’re an outcast on your school because you came from a low standard of living and your studying in a wealthy school. Another peer pressure and conformity issues Josie faces in the novel are that with her long-time rival ivy Lloyd or so called “Poison Ivy”. Ever since Poison Ivy was always competing with Josie and discriminating her because Josie came from an Italian background rather than an Anglo Saxon Australian.
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