Summary Of No Place Like Home: Diaries And Letters Of Nova Scotia Women

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Near the late eighteenth century to early twentieth century, women in Canada were continuing to be seen in terms of their destinies as wives and mothers. No Place Like Home: Diaries and Letters of Nova Scotia Women 1771-1938, is a book of a compilation of diaries and letters providing an insight into the lives of Nova Scotia women. This essay looks at the relationship between family and religion in the lives of these women. Even though these diaries and letters comprise between the years 1771 – 1938, this paper will cover letters and diaries between the years 1869 – 1881. Mary MacDougall MacDoland, Annie Rogers Butler, and Margaret Pottinger Connell have a lot of comparison, such as religion, dedication to their husband and family, but this paper will focus on family and domestic life; despite their similarities they also had differences, for instance Annie’s approach towards men, Mary’s beliefs of Native Indians and Margaret’s role towards the new era of Industrialization. Many women in Nova Scotia during the mid-nineteenth century would agree…show more content…
In the eighteenth century most children were not receiving the best education. Women were being undermined in these institutions and it forced them and their children to look for other alternatives. In Margaret’s case, the readers get a sense that their economic life was difficult. Her husband and daughter, Mabel had to go to work in factories in order to meet ends meet. This is a new beginning where women left their houses to go and find jobs, “Job opportunities for women were better in the United States, particularly Massachusetts, the cradle of industrialization in North America.” In Margaret’s case readers get an insight of the middle class and working class family. Families who had money hired maids to help them with chores, but in Margaret’s case her family was a working class and all she could afford were the basic

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