Looking For Alibrandi Place Analysis

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Looking for Alibrandi Essay -characters in Looking for Alibrandi feel out of place at different times in their lives.- Feeling out of place is a feeling that is associated with the characters throughout the book Looking For Alibrandi. John Barton feels out of place because of the high expectations people have for him. Josie feels out of place because she doesn’t have her father around like her peers at school. Nonna Katia feels out of place because she moved to Australia, from Italy a country where all her family and friends are to where she knew no-one, Josie, the main character, felt extremely out of place at certain times in her life due to several reasons. Josie attends a school of rich and snobby girls so of course Josie attending…show more content…
His father is a barrister and so was as his grandfather so he has very high expectations for him to follow in their footsteps. The pressure he is put under by his father has made him feel very out of place and like he didnr belong in his family as he has different goals and dreams than what his father would like. He states, “I’m a realist. My father is a politician, my grandfather was a politician and my great grandfather was a backer of the first liberal prime minister” (149). John came from a very wealthy family which made him feel out of place because he was not the average rich, snobby kid. He wanted to make his own future for himself and not get tied down with having to please his father in every little thing he did. John committing suicide just shows the extent to which he felt out of place, so much that he did not want to live with the people that made him feel this way. Looking for Alibrandi is a book where many characters feel out of place and did not belong, in a certain point during their life. Josie feels out of place because of the way she has been bought differently compared to her peers at school. Katia feels out of place having to leave her home country to move to Australia with Francesco. John feels out of place because of the pressure and high expectations to such degree to make him harm himself. The novel shows how characters overcome or do not overcome feeling out of
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