Tax On Soda Analysis

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Rogerian Essay – Final 05/02/2011 Audience Analysis Should the government be allowed to put tax on the sodas, and all the sweet beverages, such as ice tea, fruit juice and sports drinks? The question still stands today. The targeted audience in this issue not only includes the teenagers, but as well as adults. Many people feel that soda taxing is ineffective due to the fact that, if they are able to purchase, they surely will and diminish their thirst and enjoy their drink. This is not only unfair to those who drink sodas and sweet beverages, on regular basis, but it’s also unfair to the young adolescents who need to learn about the value of living a healthy lifestyle. And, certainly taxing all the factors that causes obesity is not…show more content…
Obesity is a matter to take in consideration at the very top level, as many people, young and adults are being affected by it. Whether there is a tax on sodas or not, many official experts in the public health field seem to agree that in fact obesity should be impeded and that should be the prior aim for everyone else (Huget). Both sides on the issue of soda taxing agree that obesity is an issue to handle with great deal of cautiousness, so that people can be less overweight and obese. According to a research, that represented and informed the nation that the treatments to treat obesity in the United States are in fact, $147 billion and hence, it has become an issue nation wide (Huget). While the supporters and the opposition agree on the matter of obesity and that it is a rather a universal problem, they also agree on the fact that financially the government is unstable. According to Susan K. Neely, president and CEO of the American Beverage Association, “We understand that governments are facing tough budget challenges” (qtd. In Prah). The government is going through a rough patch and both the sides believe that something should be done in order to stabilize the government, no matter what it takes. Another point of agreement that both sides agree on that soda is an unhealthy drink. They are not healthy for the body and in the growth of the bones. According to Daniela Rubin, an assistant professor of kinesiology, “some sodas, depending on what they are made with, can be pretty harmful to the developing of bones” (qtd. In
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