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Response to Paul Campos’s Article “Being Fat Is Okay” Is being fat really OK? According to Paul Campos being fat is not a problem, as he explains why in his article “Being Fat Is Okay”. He believes that the government and diet industries are dishonest and are working together by making people believe that overweight people are unhealthy. He has three points that support his opinion which he sees as lies from the diet industry. While many things Campos emphasizes in his article could be true in a few cases that doesn’t mean everyone has his same opinion. The first lie Campos talks about in his article is that thin people are much healthier than those who are overweight. Campos asserts that there is no solid scientific basis for this claim.…show more content…
I believe Paul Campos is wrong with his approach to his argument. I believe he just sees things in black and white. Meaning if one thing is true the other has to be false. One example is his opinion on how the BMI chart is being used. He believes that because his BMI categorizes himself as being fat and unhealthy when in reality he is a very healthy person than the BMI is completely useless. I don’t believe this is true because his situation is not the standard situation. I disagree when Paul Campos says that nutritious information passed around by the diet industries are all lies, because in recent research people are getting larger year after year and the average BMI has risen with it. As asserted by David Zinzenko in his article “Don’t Blame the Eater” type 2 diabetes, the kind which is caused by obesity has gone up 25 percent since 1994, while the money spent to treat diabetes has gone up as well since 1969 (pg…show more content…
Therefore he believed that the entire diet industry was dishonest and fed us nothing but lies. This makes him believe that being fat isn’t an issue. Throughout his entire article Paul Campos only talks about his circumstance and fails to address other circumstances other than his own. Therefore his statements can’t be seen as accurate or correct. There are a few points I agree with Campos but overall I think he just didn’t seem to see the bigger picture and just based his argument with his own

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