Should The Government Regulate What We Eat Essay

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Should the Government Regulate What We Eat? Government regulations are not perfect and may have its ups and downs but should we allow them control what we eat? Some feel that this type of authority is a necessary evil, intrusive and there are a few that feel we need even more regulation. One of our forefathers, Thomas Paine said it best, “Government at its best is a necessary evil, and at its worst, an intolerant one.” This statement holds true to this day and age. Considering the rise in heart related diseases, diabetes and a whole slew of other illnesses in younger people which by the way is increasing the cost of healthcare, I can see where the government would consider trying to control a person’s right in order to promote a healthier nation.…show more content…
Food is very addictive just as cigarettes, alcohol and marijuana. We live in an environment of toxic food. Our schools vending machines are overflowing with cookies, candies, cakes and sodas. Our favorite restaurants do not provide us with a clear and concise label on what we are eating. Obviously our kids are becoming overweight with all of the unhealthy choices they have to choose from. Childhood obesity in the United States has grown at a phenomenal rate in the last few years. You would think this is an easy condition to treat but unfortunately it’s not, it is actually quite difficult. Kids are becoming less active and their eating habits are virtually non-existent. The annual cost to treat obesity is nearly two billion dollars. Surprisingly, the government feels it is their responsibility to take control over our

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