Who Made America Fat?

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In this essay, by Radley Balko, he refers to America’s approach at controlling obesity. He talks about the government trying to regulate menus and meals. He raises a good point in saying that the government getting involved with what we can eat, makes it feel like it’s not our responsibility to regulate our own eating habits. He also raises the point that America has taxes to assist those who are out of shape, but everyone is required to pay, irrelevant to their physical build. He is considered to be a liberal, which supports the fact that he would disagree with government regulating what food people eat to prevent obesity. He clearly states that he believes this will not resolve the issue, but only give people a reason to blame the government. I feel that Balko is attempting to persuade the government and the American public that it is our responsibility to regulate our heath. Each person should be making their own choices of their diet. Whenever the government attempts to regulate things that should be handled by personal responsibility then it takes that responsibility off the people. When the government does this, it gives the American population a reason to blame the government for our own flaws. He clearly points this out when he says, “Our government ought to be working to foster a personal responsibility for our health and well-being.” In his writing, Balko uses several methods of persuading his audience. He uses the examples from life. He discusses how benefits for the physically fit have been banned from insurance policies. He gets a little extreme when he refers to the tax policies that are in effect for Americans, when he says, “If my neighbor’s heart attack shows up on my tax bill, I’m more likely to support state regulation on what he eats.” With sarcasm, he refers to regulating what McDonald’s can put on their in their food. I
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