Why Is Nutritionism Bad For Us?

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Why is nutritionism bad for us? Food has always been about survival for us human for many generations. However, scientists discovered a new way that they can just simply take food and make a lot out of it. The big question is: are we eating real foods? And are these food products good for us? The Media plays an important role on the way we Americans eat today. However, we are no longer interested in what the food is, but rather what it has in it. The problem is we're focusing on the invisible known nutrients and forgetting about the actual food itself. In addition, scientists have also discovered that by taking certain food and removing their important values and adding in so-called nutrients that can supposedly benefit us Americans health wise. This is where nutritionism took over. Nutritionism can be simply considered “as an ideology that assumes that it is the scientifically identified nutrients in foods that determine their value in the diet” (Klotter 2). In addition, “nutritionism looks at food as simply a collection of nutrients that can be redesigned to improve health” (Karnasiewicz 3). But is this true? As we can truly say, nutritionism is not actually benefiting society in general because it lacks real food, it’s more expensive, and causes many diseases; however, nutritionism can be very successful for the world of business of industries. When we talk about real food, it means recognizable, good quality, whole food that rots when it's kept for too long. These foods are the ones our ancestors used to eat on a regular basis until it was replaced with a whole new type of nutrition one, in which chemically-infused, food- like materials focused mainly on nutritional facts. For example, when we go in the supermarket to buy food we read the facts in the back of the product checking what types nutrition it has, and how much it has. In other
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