Genetically Modified Food Can Be Accepted

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Genetically Modified Food can be accepted Nowadays, with technology’s developing, more and more Genetically Modified (GM) Foods are produced and come out in many markets around the world. However, there are a great number of people who think the GM foods are dangerous and may do harm to their health. Therefore, they can’t accept GM foods. Unfortunately, I believe that GM foods are available in our lives because they have never been proven to harm people so far, they are more nutritious than traditional foods somewhat and they also can benefit farmers a lot for their working procedures actually. Professor Ian Campbell from Australia's Peter MacCallum Cancer Center says that no scientific evidence showing that GM food is harmful to people's health has been presented to date. (Campbell p.4) It illustrates that GM foods are still not unsafe to people. "As long as the GM food comes out in the markets, it means that it has been proved they won’t hurt people’s health," Yunbo Luo states," and GM foods will be digested in our stomachs without changing people’s own genes at all, which is just like other traditional foods." I am for him and some of my classmates as well. We have learned that modern biological technology in high school and got to know the safety of GM foods. However, Martin Evans, a Nobel Prize winner in Physiology in 2007, said the belief that transgenic technology is safe is not entirely founded and any conclusion should be based on testing results. (Evans, p.8) From my perspective, even if GM foods might lead to some troubles with our health, people should accept them to be produced. Otherwise, it must be a barrier to the developing of human race. Another reason for me to support GM foods is why GM foods are always more nutritious and even more delicious than normal conventional foods. For an example, GM strawberry is always much bigger and

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