The Food Industry in America

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The Food Industry in America Whether it’s juicier, bigger, crunchier, sweeter, saltier, or whatever the phrase the food industry and its around-the-clock marketing tactics has been a major cause of the obesity epidemic in recent decades. The result of Americans constant exposure to today's 'eat more' food culture has been to get people to desire high-calorie foods and to get them to become overeaters. Clearly the food industry’s tactics are working, America is fat and people everywhere know it. The food industry is corrupt. So corrupt in fact that even as it is seemingly doing the right thing, like promoting healthy foods to be served in schools for example, its wellness initiatives are frequently just marketing ploys. They are always trying to sell us something. Producers of high-selling, major market junk foods have an obligation to their company’s stockholders to maximize profits to the best of their abilities. So they encourage consumers to eat more of their company’s products, not less. Americans are unhealthy and the food industry is doing nothing to change that. Food Inc. by Eric Schlosser consulted by Michael Pollan reveals all the dirty secrets the food industry does not want consumers in America to know. The repulsive process by which our food is made and the greedy tactics of food industry executives were hidden from public view and that’s what made the authors decide to write the book (and later make a documentary on the book). Eric Schlosser is an experienced, investigative journalist whose work has appeared in prestigious magazines such as Rolling Stone and The New York Times. Prior to writing Food Inc., he wrote another book about the food industry called Fast Food Nation (which highlighted the unsanitary and discriminatory practices of the fast food industry). His opinion and findings on the food industry are both widely respected.

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