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American food culture America is known as the fast food country due to its fast food habits. America spends more money on fast food and on education, new cars and computer software. 200 million All-Americans visit fast food restaurants weekly; nearly 90% of American children visit McDonald’s every month. The most popular American fast food products are hamburgers, cheeseburgers, hot dogs and French fries. Because of fast food a lot of people are unhealthy, obese, and use mass production to feed everyone. Chicken is the most popular meat that is used in fast food, thus resulting in mass production. Another reason for mass production is the fast growth of population in America. Because of mass production many chickens and other animals are injected with hormones so they can grow bigger, fatter and heavier. Mass production may not be perfect, but it is not bad. Mass production can be used to achieve a healthier nation by not injecting animals with growth hormones. Fast food is also very unhealthy and cause many diseases. Fast food contains more calories. Not only does past contain more calories but it also contains more unhealthy fat. It is also high in sodium. An average human needs a certain amount of salt in their body per day, however when eating fast food the person eats more salt then they are supposed to. Fast food also contains a lot of chemicals and additives that make the food not spoiled or look better. All the additives in our foods have been extensively tested before being added to our food, but it still makes sense to limit the amount of artificial chemicals we ingest. Some additives are perfectly natural for example ascorbic acid which is just vitamin C. Fast food creates many diseases for example obesity. Something obesity is a national correct. Obesity also prevents kids from doing physical activity better. Obesity costs the United States

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