Eating Habits In America

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Eating Habits from America and Beyond Congratulations America, you are no longer the fattest country in the world! The United States only ranks number nine on Forbes list of the world’s fattest countries. The fact of the matter is that some other countries are ahead of the U.S in obesity rates. It is sickening to wonder if America is to blame. Were we the ones that promoted the whole fast food epidemic, causing a stir of obesity for others? Many experts believe that America has spread its ways to other countries, living a lazy lifestyle with high calorie food choices. It is true that other countries eat healthier than us, but there are other countries that have an even greater percentage of overweight individuals. America is infamous for massive fast food consumption. I mean, it is hard to get around without seeing one of these establishments. Fast food is everywhere and it is extremely convenient, which is why Americans love it. The menu items on fast food items are not too good for one’s health. These foods pack in a lot of calories and little nutrients. Combined with a sedentary lifestyle, obesity rises as a problem in America. The United States may not be the fattest country in the world, but the number of overweight individuals is still over the top. A whopping 74.1% of Americans are overweight, having a BMI of 25 or over. One Friday night I got bored and decided to watch a documentary over the effects of consuming fast food. This documentary, “Super-size Me” targeted McDonalds, the leading fast food chain in the World. What this documentary proved was downright frightening. I told myself I would never eat fast food again, but of course that proved false because it is so convenient. How exactly did the study work? Director and producer Morgan Spurlock found out put himself on a strict “McDonalds only” diet for a straight month. He ate at this

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