Argumentative Essay: America's Obesity Crisis

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P America’s Obesity Crisis Obesity has plagued America. Poor food choices and sedentary lifestyles are two accelerants which continue to fuel this fire. I view this as a lack of responsibility of ones self. As adults, we need to be held accountable for the choices we make. While fast food is convenient and sometimes even more affordable than preparing a meal at home, overindulgence in such behavior is directly linked to adverse health problems. On the other hand, with the economy the way it is and the over accommodating fast food establishments offering one dollar food items, who is ultimately accountable for the obesity problem? I interviewed five of my friends regarding…show more content…
If Obama is truly concerned with health reform, why doesn’t he look at documented, obvious reasons why obesity and heart disease is increasing and occurring earlier in life than in any other country? The First Lady herself runs laps around America’s elementary classrooms preaching healthy eating and lifestyle choices. If one has the authority to create change and also recognizes a desperate need for change, they need to take action. Change has never occurred by placing blame on individuals that were initially fleeced from the truths. The truths that I am referring to are the health hazards that were and still are well known to the elite manufacturers and the major health organizations in which they fund. Does it surprise you to know that fast food corporations are monetarily beneficial to the US? Governmental monetary greediness is being piggybacked by the lack of care and compassion for the citizens of our country. Combine this with the insulting degradation of the average American’s intelligence by many of the hierarchy in office. This is where I believe the accountability should begin. Repeating the same act over and over again but expecting a different result each time is defined as insanity. To me, personally, this insanity has become an outright
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