Brief Summary Of The Film, Super Size Me

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Introduction The rapid increase of overweight and obese people in the United States has been described as an “epidemic” (U.S. government), but people still do nothing or are not worried enough to stop this up going problem. Morgan Spurlock is an north American cineaste who filmed the documentary “Super Size me”. The documentary daily narrates his 30 day Mc Donald’s diet and the consequences that it had on the health and physical appearance of Spurlock. Furthermore, it also interview people in the streets and experts in order to gain credibility and have a stronger impacts in the viewer opinion. Nevertheless the documentary is extremely biased, it makes the fast food companies looks like enemies and it doesn’t even give a point of view which could go against his ideas. Furthermore the article very direct and visual approach is very effective, the viewer certainly captures Spurlock’s message that fast food is very harmful for everyone’s health. Summary According to the documentary the number of “fat” people in the United States is increasing at a nonstop rate, and the fast food companies wash their hands on the problem. The documentary focus on Spurlock’s diet, which only consists of Mc Donald’s menu items. Spurlock during this month experiences not only an increase in…show more content…
It is easy to notice how biased it is and how it also lacks of another perspective. The most important resource that the director uses in this documentary is that the viewer is actually seeing the progressions of the harmful effects that this food is having on Spurlock’s health, which at the same time are also supported with medical analysis to make it even more credible. It is crucial to notice that he also uses several facts and gives opinions of different reliable sources adding important credibility to the criticism that he is making against Mc

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