Film Summary And Film Analysis: Supersize Me

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Supersize Me documentary by Morgan Spurlock America has the Fattest people in the entire world! Sad to think about really. A lot of people are blaming the fast food chains and restaurants so a man named Morgan Spurlock decides to go out on a 30 day bing of nothing but McDonalds food. He chooses McDonalds because they are the biggest fast food chain. This is some of the information that I took from this excellent documentary. Before Morgan starts, he seeks the professional tracking of three diferent types of doctors: a Cardiologist, Gastroentrologist, and a Medical Dr. He starts out a very healthy person. Blood pressure starts out at 120/80. Everything in the labs came back great. The Doctors only predict that his fat triglicerids will go…show more content…
In the 30 days he has gone from 185lbs to 210lbs. Cholesteral has went up 60 points. BMI or body mass index has gone from 11% to 18%, and his liver has turned to fat. Morgan is now 2X the risk of heart failure, had horrible mood swings and got so addicted that he felt sluggish and sad until his next meal and suffered from headaches. Every Dr. that went through this journey with Morgan and kept track of his health are stunned and that people shouldnot eat fast food and one Dr. even says that Morgan should not eat fast food for one whole year to give his body time to recuperate. In 30 days Morgan ate 30lbs of sugar, a lb a day and managed to eat 12 whole pounds of fat. It takes 6 months for Morgan to lose the 20lbs he gained in only 1 month. It takes 2 months of detox eating to get his liver and cholesterol back to normal function. My take from this movie? Fast food is of course VERY BAD for you but you have that choice not to eat it! Its not the fast food that makes you fat, it is the people that choose to eat it that makes them fat. Six months after the release of the movie in theatres, McDonalds did away with their supersize menu choice. They said it had nothing to do with the movie but I believe

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