The Three Sisters And The Way We Live Now

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The quality of food has decreased significantly though out the years. The two articles I will be analyzing to support my topic is Jane Mt. Pleasant’s academic article “The Three Sisters” (2001) and Michael Pollan’s popular article “The Way We Live Now.”(2003) Michael Pollan and Jane Mt. Pleasant are American authors, journalists, and activists, who have one thing in common- to inform the seriousness of the bad eating habits and its consequences if actions are not taken. Food is one of the major necessities for all humans to survive. Agriculture and farming affects us one way or the other regardless of where we live. Different countries have their own mechanism of farming. Most underdeveloped countries do their farming mainly to sustain their…show more content…
The government or other organization that are concerned should and need to develop new set of policies that don’t subsidize over production and over eating. Pollan argues that corn is being used as substitutes for all other foods. This is why foods at fast-food outlets are cheap, because they are already paid for. “Farmers in the United States have managed to produce 500 additional calories per person every day” (Pollan-20th Paragraph) Pollan gives out a tone between formal and informal towards his audience. With historical references mixed with a conversational tone. His audiences are scholars interested in issues regarding health, obesity, agriculture, food, culture and also young adults who are interested in the culinary field, as well as food marketers. Pollan has a broader set of audience than Jane Mt. Pleasant in my opinion. Pollan’s article is easier to understand and is controversial in some ways as well, which attracts different audiences form different fields. “As public concern over obesity mounts, the focus of political pressure has settled on the food industry and its marketing strategies.” (Pollan- 23rd…show more content…
The use of fertilizers has become a big phenomenon throughout the world. This affects the fertility of the soil and quality of the crop. Cultivating corps like corn is a huge part of farming and our daily lives. “I believe that losing the ability and desire to grow corn sustainedly threatens our cultural identity and political and economic survival.”(Mt.Pleasant- Page 130) The audience that the author is trying to address is people who are interested in educating young Native Americans of the historical background; authors of the field of Native American studies, people interested in agronomists, educated farmers or farmers children. People who are more aware of this subject matter are the ones who would be interested to read this article. “Agricultural science can serve Native communities, but engaging science and culture is neither straightforward nor easy.”(Mt.Pleasant- Page

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