Child and Young Person Development

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Child and Young Person Development Describe the expected pattern of children and young people’s development from birth to 19 years. |Age (years) |Physical Development |Communication and intellectual development |Social, emotional and behavioural development| |0 – 3 |If the baby is pulled to sitting position, |The baby responds to sounds, especially familiar |A baby’s first smile in definite response to | | |the head will lag, the back curves over and |sounds. |carer is usually around 5-6 weeks. | | |the head falls. |The baby shows excitement at sound of approaching |The baby turns to regard nearby speaker’s | | |The baby turns its head towards the light and|footsteps or voices. |face. | | |stares at bright or shiny objects. |The baby recognises differing sounds. |The baby stays awake for longer periods of | | |The legs can kick vigorously, both separately|The baby becomes more aware of others so he or she|time. | | |and together. |communicates more and more. |The baby has recognisable sleep patterns. | | |The baby has good head control from 4 to 6 |The baby prefers complicated things to look at |The baby can manage to feed him or her self. | | |months. |from six months and enjoys bright colours. |The baby enjoys peek-a-boo games. | | |From 6 to 9 months the baby can sit up |The baby can now follow simple instructions e.g |The
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