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WORKBOOK FOR SEN SPECIALIST LEVEL 3 SUPPORTING TEACHING AND LEARNING IN SCHOOLS Prepared By SCCD Teacher Training 2013-2014 Page | 1 | Understand Child and Young Person Development. CYP 3:1 L/601/1693 Level 3 Unit Credit Value 2 Name of Trainee --------------------------------------------------- SCCD Student ID number----------------------------------------- Date of Submission ------------------------------------------------ Date of Assessment ----------------------------------------------- Page | 2 Outcome 1: Understand the pattern of development for children and young people from birth – 19 years Learning Outcome 1:1 Explain the sequence and rate of each aspect of development from birth – 19 years. Present this outcome in a GRID. At the bottom of your GRID please say where the information is taken from. Complete the table below which explains the pattern of development for children under three years. Age | Physical | Intellectual / communication | Emotional | Social | 0–3 months | Babies will use their voices and enjoy vocal play. | They will watch mouth movements and facial expressions. | They will use their voice as they will cry out for their needs. | They may interact with sounds and be social by listening to other voices. | 3–6 months | Babies will begin to use their hands and feet to become more physical. | They may use their hands to grasp on to colourful eye catching toys. | Babies will make different sounds to express their feelings, such as laughing and squealing. | Babies become more alert to new things and use facial expressions to socialise with others, for example a baby may smile at an adult or laugh at them. | 6–12 months
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