Child and Young Person Development 1.1

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CHILD AND YOUNG PERSON DEVELOPMENT: 1.1 Birth-1- PHYSICAL DEVELOPMENT: This is a fast development period for babies. Babies are quick to learn the sucking motion and they need it to feed at this early age which results in there physical development for weight and height. There reflexes are vital at this age as they need to survive. As they get a little older they become stronger and are able to begin lifting their heads, rolling over and in some cases crawling aswell. "Baby talk" may also come into affect. COMMUNICATION AND INTELLECTUAL DEVELOPMENT For newborn babies crying is a way of communication this communication can be for a number of reasons such as, nappy change, hungry, tummy upset or tired. Also another way to communicate is by body language such as tensing up when they're uncomfortable or yawning when tired. Intellectual development will come from yourself with cooperation with your baby such as smiling to them, eye contact and talking or even singing to them. This will help them feel protected and content with the positive attention. SOCIAL, EMOTIONAL AND BEHAVIOUR DEVELOPMENT This early in life the child needs to form a strong bond to their birth parent or carer. They will use their five senses. They may begin to sleep less during the day and more at night. Babies at this stage will respond to voices, follow you around the room with their eyes. They will also learn to stop crying when communicated with. Playing with children will make them giggle and smile for example "Peek-a-boo". Which they will learn the movements to as they get older with their identities coming along they may show fears to strangers and need reasurance. 1-2 Years- PHYSICAL DEVELOPMENT Around this age toddlers begin to progress from crawling to walking by pulling themselves up onto objects and holding onto things for support like sofa's or table's. By doing this they
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