Development of Children Unit 2

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E1- Describe the development of children in a selected age range and in 2 areas of development. Physical Development: Physical development is important for 3 reasons  Allows new learning to take place  Allows further development-build on skills already perfected  Enhances confidence/self esteem 0-6 months Babies learn how to control their muscles and movements. Baby’s development of fine motor skills can be watches hands and plays with fingers, clasps and unclasps hands and can hold a rattle for a moment. Its development of gross motor skills are, lifts head and chest up and waves arms and brings hands together over body. By one month, a baby can turns its head from side to side when lying on the back or belly, and can move its hands and arms. At 3 months old the child should be able to kick its legs when lying on the belly or back. At the age of 6months old the child should be able to reach for a toy, move arms to indicate he/she wants to be lifted and can move a toy from one hand to another. 6 to 12 Months At 6 months of age, the average baby can begin to sit without support, reach for a toy, and move a toy from one hand to another and put objects into mouth. At 7-8 months of age a child should begin to stand with some support. By 8 months, the child will begin crawling on their hands and knees with help. At 12 months a child will then use index finger and thumb to pick up small objects and can point to objects with the index finger. 12 to 24 Months The ability for a child to stand alone takes a bit longer so usually about 12-14 months a child would be walking. Between 13 and 15 months, walking skills increase and can begin to walk, a child may walk holding onto the furniture although some children may be walking unaided. At 18 months, the child will then start using a spoon to self-feed, can scribble and build a tower of three bricks. Also
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