How Can an Understanding of the Ways in Which Children Develop Help Adults to Build More Successful Relationships with Children?

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How can an understanding of the ways in which children develop help adults to build more successful relationships with children? The ways in which children grow and develop depends on how they learn to interact with the society around them. In order for adults to build successful relationships with children, the former need to understand the ways in which to promote confidence, growth and self-esteem with the child from a very young age. As the child grows older, consistent and truthful communication is essential for developing a trusting and secure relationship. This essay will demonstrate how these relationships can be built and what is needed to make these relationships successful across the ages of 0-5. The beginnings of a relationship are formed just a few weeks after a child is born. The Understanding Children (2007) DVD, Band 1, shows babies enjoying the interaction of play and communication when spoken to. The way in which the adult talks to the child is very important. Research has shown that the sing-song speech, often accompanied by exaggerated facial expressions is loved by babies, (Rai & Flynn, p27). This ‘parentese’ language, which introduces infants to patterns in language helps them to develop it, and also promotes the start of developing a relationship. Adults have to provide for and give constant love and attention to the child. In the case studies this was identified to be ‘..paying close attention to them, doing things together, comforting when scared, praising and watching fondly, playing games and laughing together’, (Rai & Flynn, 2004, p48). All of these actions enable an adult to form a secure relationship with the child by showing them that the adult is ‘in-tune’ with them and is responsive to their needs. This kind of behaviour is called ‘attentive behaviour’, and is an essential component in building a successful
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