Unit 1 – Child and Young Person Development

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Unit 1 – Child and Young Person Development There are 3 stages of development in children which are Physical, Communication and Intellect and Social, emotional and behavioural. 0-3 Years – Physical development in this age group is accelerated. In the first year a baby will go from having very little control over their bodies to having some mobility such as crawling and rolling. Their movements at this stage are mainly focused on sucking and grasping. In a babies second year a babies physical development will continue and develop quickly. They will start to develop fine motor skills such as being able to hold small objects, dressing and undressing and will also enjoy climbing. Most babies at this stage will be walking. In their third year when they are toddlers they will be running and walking with more confidence, enjoy looking at books and feeding themselves. Communication and Intellectual development starts from the moment a baby is born. In cases where a baby has been neglected from this early stage it is found that they will experience difficulties in effective communication later in life. Babies enjoy listening to songs and games and most sill start to speak by around 12 months old. Between the ages of 1-2 they will be able to form short sentences and by the age of 2 will have a vocabulary of around 200 words. By the age of 3 a child will be using negatives and plurals in their speech and vocabulary will increase rapidly. Social, emotional and behavioural development - The first relationships that very young children build are with their parents/carers. At this stage young children will express frustration by throwing tantrums, and will want to start doing things for themselves. 3-7 years At this stage children will be refining their physical movements and being more confident with them. More control is developed over
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