Explain the Sequence and Rate of Each Aspect of Development from Birth to 19 Years

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Every child develops at a different rate, however there is a basic order in which development occurs in children and through which progress can be measured and assessed. A child’s development generally occurs in the following ways From head to toe From inner to outer From simple to complex From general to specific A child’s development can be further broken down in to the following areas: Physical Development Social and emotional Development Intellectual Development Language Development. All these areas of development are as important as the others and they all intertwine and impact on the others. Development moves quickly in early years with the milestones being close together. Physical Development Within weeks of birth, a baby starts to smile in response to sounds and environments around him. By 6 months, he will be able to respond to by turning his head. He will react to familiar faces and voices with a smile and will watch mum or dad’s face while feeding. He will develop movements with his hands and arms and will reach for feet when lying down. Baby will reach to grab objects and those objects start to go in their mouths. By the time they are a year old, a child will sit unaided, will start to crawl or shuffle and will be able to stand with support. Baby will raise his arms to be lifted and respond to his name. Hand to eye co-ordination improves and baby now looks for hidden objects, reaches for food and passes objects from hand to hand. From 1 to 2 years, baby will start walking and toys will usually be pushed or pulled along as an aid. He can pick objects up, bang them together and can build a tower of a few bricks. They hold crayons and begin to make marks on paper. They enjoy trying to feed themselves, with finger foods or using a spoon, and will drink from a cup held with both hands. They begin to point at items they

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