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1.1 Describe the expected pattern of children a young people’s development from birth to 19 years, to include: Physical development Communication and intellectual development Social, emotional and behavioural development The sequence of children’s development at 0 to 3 months. Physical development at 0 to 3 months. At 0 to 3 months, It is the norm for a baby to sleep most of the time and grow fast, whilst awake he/she can open and shut their hands and will start to kick their legs with movements gradually becoming smoother. They can wave their arms around and will eventually begin to hold objects when placed in their hand e.g. an appropriate size/shaped rattle. He/she learn to roll from side on to back and try to lift head, he/she also needs opportunities to play and exercise with items such as soft toys, cloth books and a play matt with different textures and sounds to help progress their physical development, their grasp reflex diminishes as hand and eye coordination begins to develop. Communication and intellectual development at 0 to 3 months. He/she will start to recognise familiar voices and stop crying when hearing them, they are more likely to recognise their parents voice and concentrate on them rather than unfamiliar ones, he/she are also aware of other sounds and will turn their head toward the sound. A baby of this age will respond to smiles and will move their whole body in response to sound/ to attract attention, he/she sees everything in relation to their self this is know as Egocentric. Another norm at this age is to explore objects by putting them in their mouth, they will also observe objects that move and will respond to bright colours and bold images, he/she will store and recall information through images. Social, emotional and behavioural development at 0 to 3 months. At this age a child will cry to communicate
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