Bud Light-Swear Jar Commercial Analysis

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After watching the Bud Light- Swear Jar commercial, I can interpret that this commercial was made to entertain. The commercial made me laugh by bringing something that might offend others like cussing and making it funny. By having this situation occur in a place where you would not think this act would take place in reality, like an office environment where people would be more professional made it interesting. This commercial has a professional environment but what catches your attention is the fact that this would not normally happen, which of course, made it funny to make you want to see it again. Thus, people will continue to talk about it. This Bud Light commercial was created for three reasons: to persuade you as to why this drink is…show more content…
I interpreted that the reason for them censoring the words was because no one wants bad language on TV. Bad language can be taught to the children through commercial. Children may start to use what they heard unknowingly which becomes a problem. Since it was beeped out, no one knows what was actually said. The children cannot hear what the commercial said so they cannot use it. It does not encourage minors to cuss. That is what makes the commercial funny and acceptable. It also entertains you by showing a commercial about people in a normal setting. Showing you that everyday people like yourself, or most Americans, that fun does happen at work or it can happen at work. It does not show some celebrity doing things that regular people cannot. That would make the commercial unrealistic. The commercial give you a real setting with regular office people. It entertains you by showing a normal office environment which might seem boring with people that are all about work and no play and twisting it into funny a situation. What I also interpret is that the office is not a fun office environment where people are playing around because it might take away the point and meaning of this commercial. People would expect a fun situation from that environment not this normal somewhat boring office…show more content…
The commercial encourages you to buy and enjoy Bud Light because they are realistic thinkers. The commercial leaves you with Bud Light on your mind. You would not be able to explain the commercial without mentioning Bud Light. They used an everyday example so no one can possibly get offended and they censored the words so that is appropriate for television. Next what I interpret from the commercial was it was made to entertain by making you laugh. To make you want to see this commercial again and again leading to you talk about it to your friends who lead their friends and so on, to making it popular. It used a situation like an environment where you think it’s all about work and no play by making it funny. Entertaining you to make you want to talk about this commercial or want to go buy and drink a bud light. Finally what I interpret that it was made to inform you to show you bud light understand you that they can relate to your everyday life. It inform you to show you that bud light are better than other beers bud light are funny outgoing company that understand the people who sometimes you just want a beer that’s it’s okay we understand you with this commercial. That I believe this goes on in all commercials you watch that it was either made to persuade you to buy and use their product. Made to entertain you to make you enjoy the

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