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Rhetorical analysis of Absolut Appeal Vodka advertisement The advertisement that I chose for this essay is for Absolut Appeal Vodka that was published in 1990. Absolut Vodka’s advertising company used many rhetorical strategies to make this image a persuasive one. This ad conveys attention by the bright colors and center focus of the lemon peel in the shape of a bottle that is what at first drew me to choosing this piece. Its purpose is to inform viewers about this specific product and persuade them to purchase it. To me, this is an effective ad; it has developed a unique way to display a bottle image, it draws its viewers in to look at the colors, and also it identifies the product in the headline, which are components of what make this ad noticeable. The advertisement of Absolut Citrus Vodka has significant amount of pathos to enhance the need of this product. Its overall color is yellow and background is green. I think that the makers of this ad purposely involved bright colors, because they usually bright up people’s mood and brings happiness. Also, the eye catching picture of the lemon peel in the shape of a bottle in the center of the page is exemplifying the lemon flavor, and resembles freshness the vodka has to offer. In addition, this advertisement is identifying the product in the headline. It tells what the product is, and its purpose, while providing a call to action. Since this advertisement shows plenty characteristics of ethos, it does not need many logos. Absolut vodka is known very well throughout the liquor industry. It has many flavors that are used in mixing alcoholic beverages. They are also used among many of the clubs and bars. If the product has been around for years, it should be good. Also, this vodka is well-known among people of all ages. I don’t think it is ethical to advertise alcohol, because it encourages drinkers to switch

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