Raj Bohemian Analysis

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Raj Case Discussion The case presented illustrates how marketers take advantage of the situations and circumstances to market their products. This was evidenced by Raj who took photographs during Sunita’s party, which he used in his Vodka Website. The case, further, shows us the impact of relationships, in social marketing strategies. In addition, the case presents the social life of fashion kids. These individuals were always engaged in social events and activities in order to market their fashion products. This attracted several potential customers from different geographical locations. Raj Raj is a marketer who exploits all opportunities, which occur within his marketing environment. Raj also focuses on using other established brands to market his products. In this, he took photographs during Sunita’s party, which he included in his Vodka Website. He did this because the image of fashion kids was well established, and it would contribute significantly in building a strong market share for his products. Marketing Social Group The article shows that social events can be used as marketing strategies. In this, fashion kids constantly held social events and activities, which attracted potential customers from different geographical locations. In these events, fashion kids would display their new fashion trends, which would make potential customers to purchase fashion kids products. In addition, website hosting was depicted in the article as an effective marketing strategy. Marketing Elements One of the marketing elements indicated in the article is the brand image. In this, Raj used the photos he took from Sunita’s party, on fashion kids, to market his Vodka product. This is because fashion kids had a strong brand image. A social event is another marketing element, which was illustrated in the article. In this, fashion kids used to hold several

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