Why Do More Doctors Smoke Cigarettes

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More Doctors smoke Camels than any other Cigarette DeVry University Who would have thought that a doctor would recommend smoking cigarettes? In the 1950’s there were no scientific studies done showing smoking was bad for a person’s health, so advertising for cigarettes was as easy as advertising for candy. What better way to sell cigarettes than to catch a viewer’s attention with commercials and ads. The ads running in the 50’s and 60’s head lining “More Doctors Smoke Camels than any other Cigarette”, is an effective advertisement that can be evaluated using three criteria: appeal to reason, appeal to credibility, and appeal to emotions. Appealing to reason is an easy way for a company to catch a potential consumer’s attention. In the era that this ad was shown there was no one frowning on smoking cigarettes. So when consumers see famous celebrities at the bottom of the ad smoking the cigarette…show more content…
We trust doctors with our lives, so to see one smoking a Camel cigarette and the ad saying “The doctor’s choice is America’s choice” just pushes the point that it is the right decision. The credibility of a doctor could trigger a consumer to think if a doctor smokes Camels so should I. The ad triggers consumers to want to be like the doctor. The next question is what is more influential than credibility? Emotions are the one thing that no one can really get away from and this is a very effective way advertisers can get a potential consumers attention. If someone sees another person crying it triggers the emotion of being sad. Like in this ad, everyone is smiling. A smile is said to be contagious, so seeing all of these important actors and doctors smiling smoking Camel cigarettes gives a consumer the thought that these cigarettes will make them happy. The use of appealing to emotions is strong in the ad, yet it doesn’t say it will make the consumer happy, they assume it
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