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Darla Gordon Professor Keltner English 105 July 2, 2013 Sample Student Essay Assignment 1. Identify the writer’s thesis and write it below. “Overall, the target audience is quite susceptible to advertising because it sells products that will help the audience conform to the standards of society that they believe are important. These standards may include having a great figure or dressing in the latest fashions.” 2. According to the author, how does the ad use logos (logical appeals)? According to the author, the ad uses logos that appeal to the reader, such as: beautiful and successful actors, athletes that promote health and strength, or also pull in an actress from a television show, that is already a popular everyday household name to try and sell a product. It makes the idea of even consuming milk beneficial in so many ways. 3. According to the author, how does the ad use ethos (ethical appeals)? According to the author, “ethos or ethical appeals” I the ad “Got Milk” is how the ad takes the cultural view successful, beautiful, athletic, talented, famous, happy, and etc. is the basic “norm” that we all perceive to be the desired. All these characteristics are what is known in society to be appealing so the ad just went with it to market these desired traits by using the spokesmen as an example showing those who drink milk will have these desired results. 4. According to the author, how does the ad use pathos (emotional appeals)? The emotional appeals that I believe the author is pointing out is how so many of us believe that our bodies should look a certain way or we should be healthy and fit. Every day there are people who look at celebrities or athletes on television and feel guilt because we do not perform or look the way they do. So what do we do? If it bothers us enough we go out and try to do whatever we can to improve

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