Ghostride The Whip: Film Analysis

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Over time, the youth of the world has been searching for identity and finding a place to fit in. They are drawn to pushing the envelope of safety for the thrill of acting risky. The youthful mind seems invincible and able to survive anything that comes their way. In the documentary film, Ghostride the Whip, director DJ Vlad brings his viewers into the world of the Hyphy Movement and the beginnings of ghostriding. Vlad pays tribute to the late Mac Dre, a rapper and leader of the movement in the San Francisco bay area. The movie shows how the slang, music, dancing and culture are all connected to the movement. This film highlights how the ghetto community as a whole is joined through all aspects of gang life. Young and old African Americans are shown dancing together and celebrating their common connections. The rap artists and leaders of the movement present a model of dangerous behavior that the youth is attracted to. They idolize and copy the risky lifestyle of the older generation and even put their own lives at risk in order to participate in the excitement. With the pounding music and the drugs, it is hard not to be drawn into the…show more content…
In drinking the “hyphy juice,” they were agreeing to celebrate the movement but also show others the way to fulfillment. They were given an answer to their question about whether they belonged somewhere or not. Even though many of the actions appear dangerous to other members of society, the individuals participating in the actions ignore the very danger of the movement. Just as the people in Jonestown followed Jim Jones and “drank the Kool-Aid,” so did the members of the Hyphy Movement and the bay area. Although the movement did not lead to the horrific death toll in Jonestown, it still represents how people, specifically youth, can be drawn to danger in the hopes of finding their

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