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Pyrex Jones (400-600) Music is best described as the expression of notions on a personal level. But the influence of rhythm, pitch, sound, and melody on the surroundings is on a much elevated level. And Hip Hop music has grown exponentially in a short span of time. This is due to the fact that Hip Hop or Rap is not exclusive to specific echelons of the society; rather it has involved almost every creative mind on the street. Hip Hop is not specific to music; rather it is a complete code of life. Diversity, quality, innovation and influence are some of the attributes which Pyrex Jones strives for. Currently 27 years of age; Conell Lamont a.k.a. Pyrex Jones is a Rap artist and Hip Hop musician. He belongs to Taylor Street (adjacent to Bill Mooney Store), Lancaster, South Carolina. At an early age of 12, Pyrex…show more content…
Drawing his inspirations from the Notorious B.I.G. and 2Pac; Pyrex Jones aims to follow the same loose and easy flow. He also wishes to incorporate some of the social problems including: hardships, difficulties of violence, and some of the ethnic and racial dilemmas. This transforms into a huge fan following because the common listener could easily relate to this kind of music. Instilled with a real hustler’s ambition, Pyrex Jones has been making buzz locally with mixed tapes such as Microwave Music 1, Mafia Muzik, and various videos and performances. Even though Hip Hop has secured its place in the mainstream pop since the late 90s; recently it has seen an era of decline. Pyrex Jones is hopeful to revive Hip Hop music through his own novelty and variety; securing fame enjoyed by 50 Cent or Akon, in the foreseeable future. He is expanding his buzz by currently working on “Block Boy Shyt: the Mix tape” featuring Lil Roc. He also has a leading role in the upcoming “Son of the Mob”. He has also participated in talent shows and has open-mic performances to his

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