Comparison Of Rap And Secular Rap

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It seems that the more crimes a rapper commits, the more he is held up as a true thug which allows him to sell even more CDs(because he has proven his hardness to the streets). But just think of the message this is sending to our society. Not only does it promote vanity, but it sends the message that if you commit illegal crimes, then that proves you are a thug and that you are "hard" just like the rappers. This is a very dangerous way of thinking because it not only puts the person in danger, but it also puts many other innocent people in danger of being murdered, beaten down, robbed, or even rapped. Any music that sends this kind of message should not be allowed, even if it is an expression of "free speech." Secular rap that speaks of…show more content…
Biggie feud which I briefly spoke of earlier. Though there really was a problem between the two rappers, it was blown way out of proportion by producer Suge Knight who also had a feud but with Biggie's producer Puff Daddy. He encouraged 2pac to continuely attack Biggie in his songs. 2pac seemed to be unaware of the fact that he was actually being used by Suge to promote something even better, a westcoast vs. eastcoast war. This led to millions of albums beings sold because people began to feed into the hype and joined in on the war. Their carelessness led to multiple people being killed including 2pac and Biggie. They clearly did not care about the message they were sending to the world and to the youth but rather how much money they could make, even at the expense of others. Secular rappers produce the vulgar and sexually explicit lyrics that they do because they know that today's youth are curious and that they are trying to quench their sinful desires. According to , not only in a song made by makaveli, but also in a song made by 50 cent, they both claim that they have "sold their souls to the devil in order to gain riches." Contrary to popular belief, many secular rap artists know exactly what they are doing and they are well aware of the consequences that await…show more content…
Christian rappers such as Japhia Life, T-bone, Lecrae, Sevin, and Da Truth are spreading a different message to our youth. Not just a message of faith, but also a positive message similar to some of the old school rap artist, that we must never give up and that we can improve ourselves as well as our society in which we live. Sadly, many of them are being hindered by the stereotypes placed on rappers because of secular rap artists' actions. Many believe that all rappers are the same, so a lot of positive rap artist (including Christian rappers) are pushed aside and lumped in the same group as secular rappers. But instead of the negative, vulgar, hateful, and sexual messages being sent by secular rappers, Christian rappers are trying to send a message of hope, salvation, and peace that will improve our society as a whole, building up the youth. Secular rap as a whole has a negative impact on society, particularly on our youth, through its explicit content. It sends a powerful message of hate and violence that is devouring the minds of our youth playing a part various problems such as rape, racism, teen pregnancy, suicide, homicide, and even gang violence. Rappers know exactly what they are doing and simply do not care because they are making more money then they ever had by feeding our society

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