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Tiffany Echevarria ENG-101 C08 Professor Otero Rough Draft 26 March 2015 Biggie v. Tupac Music had been around since the beginning of civilization. These two men were the motivation of the rap industry, Christopher Wallace also known as “Biggie” was born in Brooklyn, NY on May 21, 1972 and Tupac Shakur was born in New York, NY on June 16, 1971. Both famous male rappers who both lives were cut short at 25 years of age. These young man was raised in the Big Apple and came up on poverty or having nothing, they both sold drugs to get by in life and both blew up in the mid 90's. Biggie and Tupac were some of the greatest rapper of all time. A lot of musician looked up to Biggie and Tupac and they will be missed for generation to come. Biggie…show more content…
Right before his second album drop, biggie perform in Cali. Even though many of his friends warned him not to. Biggie attended the Soul Train Music Award in 1997, when he left the event he sat in a SUV where another vehicle pulled up next to the car and opened fire. Biggie was shot several times and killed. There was a suspect who they said was a member of the Crips but wasn’t charge. Biggies Murder is still unsolved. Tupac Shakur was also raised in a single parent home. His father abandoned him before he was born. As a teenager Shakur attend Baltimore School for the Art, where he took acting, dance and include ballet classes. Living in Baltimore is where Tupac discovered rap music and began performing. In 1991 Tupac became a solo artists and came out with song “Brenda got a baby” and “I get around”, which blew up on the charts. Tupac was quickly becoming the most popular rapper in the west coast. He even starred in multiply movies roles, such as Poetic Justice and Above the…show more content…
Several musicians paid tribute to Tupac and Biggie by mentioning them in songs and by having upcoming artist follow in their footsteps. Both Biggie and Tupac Shakur talents as a writing and rapper will continue to be acknowledged for decades to come. Some people might say these two individual lifestyle is what cause them there death as in excuse for why there are gone or they will say that industry killed them. Being that most rappers today are from the street also, many rapper were drug dealers and jailbirds, however people fail to realize that these artist left there thuggish day behind them and started a career in Hip

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