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“The Early life of Tupac Amaru Shakur” Who is the greatest rapper of all time? Now this a opinionated question and the answer really has no right or wrong. But it’s not that hard for us to determine that Tupac Shakur is one of the most successful and prolific rappers of all time. After all, not only did he modernize the modern day rap industry, he also revolutionized it. But how many of Tupac’s fans and followers have actually taken the time to know his life’s story before he became famous, before he became rich, and before he set the standard of what all West Coast rappers should or should not be. Honestly to me it’s very unique. Well to begin with, Tupac Means 2 was born in Manhattan, New York…show more content…
Tupac had a rough childhood growing up, he really had no role model growing up other than his mother. For example, his godfather “Geronimo Pratt” was sentenced to life in prison for murdering a school teacher, right before his birth (Tupac Shakur Biography 2). His stepfather Mutlulu a man who was very present during his childhood he had been sentenced to sixty years in prison for armed robbery in 1988. He stepfather was also on the F.B.I’s top ten most wanted list for several years. Due to the people he was surrounded by much of Tupac’s Philosophies reflected on the Black Panther lifestyle (1). Means 4 Honestly, I think most of Tupac’s critics and skeptics would label him as unintelligent or juvenile due to his crude behavior and violent lyrics. But growing up Tupac was an active reader he really did enjoyed things such as reading books, studying eastern religions, and he even read entire encyclopedia sets (“Biography of Tupac Shakur” 1). Tupac and his mother were very poor…show more content…
Although Tupac was considered shy be many of his peers he always very out spoken when it came to the subject the the subject of racism and for a while that became the fundamentals of his music. During his time with the Baltimore School of Arts he experienced and began trying new subjects like poetry, jazz, and even ballet. (“Tupac Shakur Biography” 2).His teachers claimed he was a very gifted student and had vast amounts of talents in each the subjects he had taken (“Biography of Tupac Shakur” 1). During that time Tupac had made many Means 8 friends Tupac even made many new friends in Baltimore but his closest friend was well known actress Jada Pinkett also commonly known as Jada Pinkett (“Tupac biography” 2). When Tupac lived Baltimore had he had claimed he had some of the most memorable life. Shortly after turning sixteen his mother, had decided that Tupac and his half-sister move to Marin City, California So that her and her family could live with a family friend because she had

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