Lil Wayne: The Best Rapper In The World

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Lil Wayne is one of the most talented and famous rappers. Lil Wayne's childhood, his freestyle abilities in singing, his insane lyrics and offbeat songs, and the hip-hop rhythm are all reasons why he IS the best rapper in the world. You don't always have to go to school to become successful. Lil Wayne was in a gifted program at school and was in the drama club but dropped out when he was only 14. He grew up in the crime-filled city of New Orleans in the neighborhood of the 17th ward. ( When Lil Wayne was 8 years old, he started to rap. He joined the Cash Money Records at age 9 and became the youngest member of the label. At 11, he was introduced to Bird Man, who let Lil Wayne record freestyle raps on his answering machine. Bird Man was the owner of Cash Money Records who treated Lil Wayne like a son. (Lil Wayne Biography) Within one year of freestyle rapping, Lil Wayne got his first deal.…show more content…
He has a very recognizable voice and the lyrics he writes are usually over the top. I think he probably gets high and just spits out the words whether they make sense or not. He repeats his lines a lot and if he wrote them down, he probably wouldn't do that, but no matter what, he spits out the rhymes like it's nothing. I like the fact that Lil Wayne raps about real life. He raps about the hottest clothes, cars, partying, and women. Guns and drugs are part of lyrics because Lil Wayne and the Hot Boys were caught up in that way of life while growing

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