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Fort Valley State University Hip Hop Influence. Terrance Barnes Professor Hall English 1102 12 8 November 2012 Hip Hop today is seen as the voice of a generation demanding to be heard. It is considered culture. Hip Hop culture includes not only music; it includes fashion, sports, TV programs, and even advertising. All of these things have great influence on the youth. Hip hop went from being a relatively underground style, to being a major style herd throughout the world. Some people not only think of Hip Hop as a negative influence because of its provocative language and meaning, but also because of the effect on the black community. This is where there conspiracy of Hip Hops influence on the youth plays its role. The minds of those it influences are being controlled by Hip Hops music, fashion, and slang. It is said that hip hop originated from the South Bronx area of New York. The early DJ’s at block parties began isolating the percussion breaks in songs and realized that it was the most entertaining part of the music. A percussion break is an instrumental section of a song where the DJ or artist takes a break from the lyrics. This technique was common in Jamaica and spread to New York through communities of Jamaican immigrants. DJ Cool Herc, one of the most popular DJ’s of the 70’s, tried something new on the turntables. He switched from using reggae records to using other genres of music because reggae was not popular in New York. After realizing the percussion breaks of songs were short, Herc and other DJ’s began extending the percussion breaks by using an audio mixer and two different records. This caused mixing and scratching techniques to develop. During the percussion breaks, mixing, and scratching often included performers speaking while the music played. These performers became known as MC’s. The speaking portion of the technique was a brief

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