Dream Chasers 2 Analysis

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Meek Mill Dream Chaser2 While the current hip-hop industry that I don’t understand thinks that rap is all about the glorification of selling dope, the blatant exploitation of women and what beat will sell albums- the real hip-hop fans are yearning for a fresh, lyrical burst of knowledge. Hip hop enthusiasts are looking for substance and raw truth within an album. Dream Chasers 2 a sequel mix tape from Philly’s own Meek Mill delivers a fresh burst of creativity that all hip-hop enthusiasts alike are looking for. This album takes you on a journey showing us the ghetto yet sometimes positive outlook on hip-hop. Through his lyrical delivery, substance and funky sound tracks, Meek Mill paints a vivid picture of what the everyday struggle of a young African-American male is about. Whether it be hanging on the block or coming from the church house you will appreciate the often hidden inspirational messages delivered throughout this hood inspired masterpiece. Dream Chasers 2, Meek Mills latest marquee mix tape shows why some might deem him as the most versatile rapper of this day and age.…show more content…
After his signing he hit the hip-hop scene with a vengeance producing bomb ass single after single including “Tupac’s Back ft. Rick Ross”, “Ima Boss ft. Rick Ross” and just recently the catchy track “Bag of Money ft. Wale, Rick Ross and T-Pain”. These compilations catapulted young Meek Mills hip-hop credibility within the rap game. Hip-hop fans trust me, you will not be disappointed with his new work, the swag, the style and creativity shown within this masterpiece will have you repeating song after song. Well enough of me babbling let me take you on this journey track by track so you can run out a get your copy for your
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