4. How Does Consumption And Commerce Interface Wit Essay

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According to Wahl (1999), consumption and commerce interface with rebellion and expression in the case of hip hop in ways such as the hip hop group N.W.A (Niggaz With Attitude) rebelling against the LAPD for example in the content of their lyrics, which is how they express this feeling. The fans liked this because it was expressing similar feelings of theirs which increased their popularity. This was also a reason why N.W.A was an underground or alternative hip hop group because of their lyrical content not being aloud to play on radio stations which veered them away from mainstream hip hop and attracted a select audience of mainly teenagers and college students. Underground and alternative music can also be paralleled in other genres such as punk and indie rock. The term “selling out” plays a big role in the dichotomy of underground and mainstream music across all genres and I will explain more about this term further on in the essay. Consumption and commerce interface with rebellion and expression in many ways according to Wahl (1999). Historically, hip hop didn’t gain much commercial success in the mainstream until the influential act ‘Run-DMC’ made their way onto the scene. Their album ‘Raising Hell’ in 1986 was the first hip hop product to go gold in the US. As Wahl (1999) points out, this was largely due to their hit single and cover of Aerosmith’s 1975 song, ‘Walk This Way’. This was also the first time that a hip hop group had collaborated with a non-rap artist. Wahl (1999) also claims that the critical factor for Run-DMC’s breakthrough into the mainstream was because of the MTV music video, which gained huge success. The video is a snapshot at the idea of traditionally white suburban consumed rock music and the traditionally black-urban consumed rap music. Throughout the video there is tension between both Aerosmith and Run-DMC, until at the

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