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This essay will compare and contrast the film ‘8 Mile’ (written by Scott Silver and directed by Curtis Hanson in 2002), and the lyrics of ‘Lose Yourself’ written by rapper Eminem. It will look at difference and similarity throughout both text while exploring the common theme: a young man’s struggles with the different aspects within his life. The film also stars Eminem as the main character Jimmy “B-Rabbit” Smith Junior. The story, which is set around Detroit, Michigan in 1995, is semi biographical. This was a time when rap was ‘a genre dominated by African Americans’ ( 2004), and as such it was quite provocative to see a ‘white’ boy performing within this category. Eminem’s music and lyrics background the film. Even more effective than this backing is a scene where he is actually writing lyrics thus supporting his role as central character, ‘8 Mile’ is a brave film that is culturally and intellectually rigorous and an aggressive film that is emotionally intense. The film is very much informed and guided by the experiences of Eminem and his early career as a rapper in blue-collar and no-collar Detroit. (Wikipedia 2014) As a result of Eminem’s actual ‘telling’ of his story (life), realism is characterized through gritty undertones and allusions to both physical and emotional battles (and battle ‘scars’). Eminem’s feelings are exposed, as is seen in the opening of the film where ‘Lose Yourself’ plays as a highlight (conducted through the main menu0 as scenes from the film pan through. This technique places him as central to the both the acting and writing in term of being a real ‘player’ throughout the storyline. The lyrics ‘Lose Yourself’ was written in-between breaks on the set of ‘8 Mile’ and (Eminem) rapped all three verses in one take (Rap Genius, 2014). This again lends to a realism of character and story in that the lyrics are

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